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Four reasons why you should visit “David Bowie Is” at the Art Gallery of Ontario



Three earlier posts on “The Museum Column” have analysed exhibits. This post simply celebrates, because David Bowie Is is much too fun to analyse.

1.  David Bowie’s voice and music permeate the experience – The New York Times described this exhibition as “united in sound and vision in a way rarely seen in a museum”.

2. The exhibit mixes a wonderful variety of media creating an immersive, dazzling  environment. Works by many artists who inspired David Bowie accompany his stage costumes, music videos, and photographs along with ephemera from Bowie’s own personal archive.

3. The fantastic creativity of the installation design – true to the spirit of Bowie.

4. Everyone has a good time (from babies to millennials to nostalgic boomers) and it doesn’t matter if you are cool or not.

And if you miss the exhibit in Toronto, here are some other cities where David Bowie Is will be shown.

This video gives a great sense of the installation and how the curators introduced the show at the media preview.

Video by Kevin September AKA @Septembersphere

And some of the latest news about David Bowie:

Author: Christine Lockett

The principal of Christine Lockett Associates: Cultural Intelligence, I bring senior management experience to consulting services for museums and galleries. With The Museum Column blog I will be discussing interesting public programs, mainly exhibits, and the changing relationships among museums and the public realm.

2 thoughts on “Four reasons why you should visit “David Bowie Is” at the Art Gallery of Ontario

  1. I’m so looking forward to this exhibit! I’ve always joked if I end up having two boy childresn, I will name one David and the other Bowie!

  2. This was a great show and thanks for your comments

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